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Vlaamse Ouderenraad

Flemish Council for the Elderly

In 1993 the Vlaams Ouderen Overleg Komitee vzw (OOK vzw) was set up as a platform for the older people organisations. The composition of the organisation is diverse and itís a unique platform bringing together organisations of people aged 50+ with different ideologies and political convictions. It was the intention to speak with one voice and to realise proposals that couldnít be realised with the separate groups. It was also a new step to become an important spokesman for all the elderly in Flanders. The platform was recognised by the government as a representative contact. In 2005 the OOK was given the role of advisory board. The Vlaamse Ouderenraad is an umbrella organisation of 29 elderly organisations. It gives advice at the Flemish level, but also at other levels.

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